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AQUARIUM CLEAN SERVICE NOW AVAILABLE BY OUR SUB-COMPANY. COMPLETE AQUARIUM HIRE AND SERVICE FOR BOTH COMMERCIAL AND PRIVATE SECTOR. Custom Aquariums and aqua-scaping. We custom design and manufacture any size aquarium and filtration system upon request.


!! August News !!  Dear Valued Customers, we had no choice but close this Sunday 17th August, due to power shut down by United Energy for their power line upgrade so called for the day. Business back to normal on Monday. 

German bred Altum Angel now available for sales, limited stock only. New African cichlids and general comunity fish this month. Two new marine shipments, fish, corals and invertebrates. New Cichlids and Catfish from local breeder. New livebearers. New aquarium aquascaping on display. Various of new plants in store for sales. Cardinal tetra on sales.

New elegance 4ft and 5ft complete aquarium on sales. New LEDs lighting 2Ft $88, and many more. Complete Aquarium package on SALE . Full range of "Tropical" brand food. Bulk purchase available to breeders and hobbists.


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