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AQUARIUM CLEAN SERVICE NOW AVAILABLE BY OUR SUB-COMPANY. COMPLETE AQUARIUM HIRE AND SERVICE FOR BOTH COMMERCIAL AND PRIVATE SECTOR. Custom Aquariums and aqua-scaping. We custom design and manufacture any size aquarium and filtration system upon request.


!! FEB News !! New Tropical and Cichlids Shipments. New Chilli Rasbora, pencil fish and lots more to name them all. New Redline Torpedo Barb. New American Cichlids, Horseface, neon blue acara, ramirez and bass. Bleeding heart Tetra. Another Marine and Discus shipments. Aqua-Reef-395 and Aqua-Reef-600 on sales.

Sale on LED (2ft-4ft) lights from $88, Marine Salt (20kg) $88, and T8 light tube on super special from $12. New varieties of Corydoras catfish, pictus catfish, redhook, synodontis (Cuckoo $15ea), and mangrove jack. NEW LIVE FOOD CRICKET AND KING-WORM IN STORE,"CHEAPEST" around.



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