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AQUARIUM CLEAN SERVICE NOW AVAILABLE BY OUR SUB-COMPANY. COMPLETE AQUARIUM HIRE AND SERVICE FOR BOTH COMMERCIAL AND PRIVATE SECTOR. Custom Aquariums and aqua-scaping. We custom design and manufacture any size aquarium and filtration system upon request.


!! November News !! New German cichlid released. New marine fish and inverts. New altum angel (Orinoco), over 100 new fancy fighter (Beta) to choose from, Otocinclus and wild discus. New imported aquarium units, 3FT, 4FT, 5FT, and 6FT in store. New African cichlids and general comunity fish this month. New live plants variety. New American Cichlids, Nano Fish, and Catfish. New livebearers. New aquarium aquascaping on display. Various of new plants and aqua-substrates. Cardinal tetra on sales. The latest AquaONE Exotic Ornaments (corals and rocks forms) in store. New Elegance 4ft and 5ft complete aquarium package.

Spring Sale, LED (2ft-4ft) lights from $88, Marine Salt (20kg) $88, and T8 light tube on super special from $12. New pictus catfish, spiney eel, synodontis...etc



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