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We import live fish, selling wholesale and retailing direct to the public.

We manufacture and install glass or fibreglass aquariums, and ponds to suit specific need, for new homes and offices. Thus, with a marying filtration system to suit your aquatic need.

We service and maintain new installs and pre-existing aquariums, as well as ponds. Scheduled aquarium cleaning and water analysis upon request. Complete aquarium least with full maintenance service available for both private and commercial work places.

We have been working with both domestic and commercial businesses since late 1998. And we delivery our products all over Australia. Live fish can be air-freight to your nearest airport port for pick up. Jumbo fish tank upto 3 tonne may be deliver to your door, providing you have the facility to off load it, or otherwise. In addition, onsite aquarium construction also available providing the size of the project is not applicable for transportation.


Fat Ranchu Show


Live Stocks (Freshwater) – Cichlids, Discus, Native Fish, Fancy Goldfish, Fancy Nano Fish, Exotic Rainbow fish, Catfish, plenty of general community fish and and fancy aquatic plants.

Live Stock (Marine) – Marine Angels, tangs, lionfish and stonefish, wrasse, sharks and ray, lots of clownfish and plenty of Corals and invertebrates.

Stock Brands - Hikari, RedSea, Eheim, Seachem, API, Aqua Medic, Juwel, AquaOne, Fluval, Laguna, Blagdon, Hydor, Eden, Clearpond, Oase, Otto, AI, Ocean Free, PetWorx,  Blue Planet, PondPro, Wardley, Tropical, Rena, PondOne, Radion, Eco-Tech, Kessil, Giesmann, Rio, Orca, Jungles, Jabeo, Mini Beast, Fish Fuel, etc…

We also have a huge range of driftwood, vine wood, mopani, ghost wood, texas holly rocks, red rocks, aquarium substrates and other aquarium ornaments in stock.

We have over three hundred aquariums (>220L) under the one roof. Thirty five per cent of them are African cichlids tanks. One of our largest display tank (>8000L) housing some of the largest aquatic fish in Melbourne.






Our Live Specialty – African and American Cichlids, Discus, Fancy Marine Exotics, Native Fish, and Fancy Goldfish.

Made in Australia –  Our custom made glass and fibreglass aquariums are found in both private and public places in Victoria and New South Wales. We successfully built over a hundred display projects in Melbourne alone. Shall upload more projects photo soon…



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